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Students pictured below are working on our STEREOTYPI(WALL) activity. This assignment is a precursor to reading Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Students held discussions about stereotypes that they feel they are put into at this stage of their life. They defined the various stereotypes around the room and added characteristics and traits that are attributed to each stereotype. Students soon discovered that most of these characteristics and traits were negative in connotation and did not apply to themselves, the majority of their peers, or most students in general. The activity brought awareness to the negative effects of stereotyping and how important it is to see each other as individuals. 

  • Poetry Out Loud 9th grade competition
  • Pictured here are the 9th-12 grade winners of their individual grade levels that went on to compete against each other.
  • Overall winners! Raygan Hogue: 9th grade  (pictured on the left) won 2nd place out of 8 high school participants!


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