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Our 9th grade students participated in a school wide contest, POETRY OUT LOUD. Students were required to choose a poem, memorize it, and then channel the appropriate tone, emotion, and presence to deliver the poem out loud. 

Competitions began between 9th graders. Our top 2 winners were Raygan Hogue and Siana Peters. 

These girls advanced in the competition to compete against the 6 other winners from 10th-12th grade.

After giving great performances, the judges analyzed and scored the contestants, and one of our very own 9th graders placed 2nd overall! Raygan Hogue delivered an outstanding version of “Cerebration” by Amanda Nekel Reece. 

Poetry Out Loud 9th grade competition

Poetry Out Loud: 9th grade Competition set-up. (preliminary contest)

9th-12th grade level winners that advanced to compete against each other.

9th-12th grade winners that advanced to compete against each other.

9th grade contestants) Top left: Raygan Hogue, Bottom left: Siana Peters

Top Three! pictured left: Raygan Hogue- 9th grade 2nd place winner)

Top Three! Raygan Hogue (pictured left) was awarded 2nd place overall.