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HERE is a video talking about plotting a scatter plot and how to find its line of best fit.

HERE is a video explaining the concept of relation vs function. Particularly, it goes over the vertical line test. 10-30-17


Here are some links that students may find helpful when factoring trinomials. calls them "factoring quadratics," so that's a great source of help.

HERE is a video showing how to work one example. He does a good job with all the "little" things.

HERE is a great video of an example that has a lead coefficient that isn't 1, and he talks about checking for the GCF.

HERE is a video showing another example, but with more precise details about + and - in the constant factors.

Neat (trick) way to factor trinomials with a>1 CLICK HERE

Polynomials Introduction and Simplifying Polynomials. Both videos approx. 20 minutes.

The idea is to graph absolute value equations. Click HERE for the youtube video.


Solving Systems Word Problems. Khan Academy Videos:

            oranges & apples by elimination, TV & DVD weight by substitution, coins problem, coffee & croissants special case

            Practice Problems HERE

Solving a System of Linear Equations by the SUBSTITUTION method.

          Another video, this time from Khan Academy for solving systems by Substitution.

          One last video, Marija shows us how to work 1 example using subsititution. (it’s short)

Using slope-intercept Formula: Find the “unknown” part when using slope-intercept form.

Find the slope of a line through 2 ordered pairs. ** Click on “worked example, slope from 2 points” once the Khan Academy video screen opens in your browser.‚Äč


VIDEO Solving for another Variable

Khan Academy video that takes you through solving the area of a triangle formula for h.


Link used to Open Smart Notebook Files

I use Smart Notebook in the classroom to write and type notes. There are problems that are worked and practiced that you can now open with this link. There are two ways to open the file when I publish them, save the file on your desktop, then go to this link and choose the one you prefer.


Mathematics- Oklahoma Academic Standards (grades Pre-K-12)


Matthew Cross Talks about the Golden Ratio

This was the first video shown in class

The Fibonacci Sequence

This was the 2nd Video on Friday

Doodling in Math Class: Finonacci Spiral

This was the 3rd video shown in class


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